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Shades Of Blues

Get The Blues with Specs Radio

Mondays are chilling out with a celebration of American music, from the cotton fields of Mississippi, to the south side of Chicago. From Bourbon St. to Beale St. the Blues has many shades, and they can be heard here at Specs Radio.

Featuring songs from :

Robert Johnson, B.B. King, Muddy Waters

About the D.J.

Born in the part of Michigans Upper Penninsula known as "The Copper Country", Ernie For grew up in the Metro Detroit area during a great era of album oriented rock FM stations. From WABX, WRIF, AND WWWW  to the powerhouse CKLW AM in Windsor, Ontario Canada, it's was a combination of the music and the 'Jocks that gave Ernie a desire to be one of the DJs that rules the airwaves. His frst opportunity came as an emcee gig for Industry Sings, followed by a job DJing for the Farmington Community Chorus. Over the years Ernie has honed his skills by writing breaks and carefully crafting ad-libs, and gaining experience at numerous radio events and charity promotions. Wanting to put his career even farther along, Ernie enrolled at Specs Howard School Of Media Arts, graduating with honors in 2018. A rocker to his bones, Ernie has a special place for the Blues, from early Charlie Patton to current breakouts like Joe Bonamassa. Ernie Fox knows there are a lot sof different shades of Blues, and he's determined to know them all.