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Listen in every Friday from 11am-Noon to The Sample Sessions hosted by Ayinde Audio and DJ Dubiel, where we turn back the clock to not only take a look back at famous samples and covers, but also deliver the trivia and facts behind the tracks.

Delve back with the Sample Crew, to the origins of songs you may, or may not have heard before. Uncovering the underlying connections found throughout the musical landscape. Who knew something with educational value could be so much fun to listen to? The Sample Sessions; Friday’s from 11am-12pm only on SpecsRadio.com, Radio Without Barriers. 


 About the DJs:


Ayinde Audio: Coming soon.


DJ Dubiel: "What a long strange trip its been." Born in Farmington Hills Michigan, raised with a diverse mix of musical tastes. Everything from disco and funk, to classic rock, heavy metal and even classical to name a few. Eagar to spread and share the love of music and its history, through hand picked, select cuts only on The Sample Sessions.