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Nate Franklin- Born In Pontiac, Michigan, grew up in Oxford and Leonard Michigan. A graduate of Specs Howard School of Media Arts, a huge sports fanatic since the age of 2. Passion for sports talk began from hearing too many biased sports talk personalities and wanting to change that. Not a negative person but the facts must come out. Played baseball and basketball his whole life and has always had a unique passion for sports stats. 


Travis Harris- Graduate of Specs Howard School of Media Arts. Had a passion for sports since the age of 11. First got into sports due to the Tigers run to the 2006 World Series. Ever since then, a passion for sports was developed, and the desire to express passionate opinions about sports to the world came about. Has a bit more of a positive attitude when it comes to sports and life.


Expect hot sports takes, plenty of Football both college and pro. 2 Michigan fan boys who don't sip the kool aid of the Lions or the Wolverines. Enjoy the sports, stay for the personality.